Misunderstood by those in his neighborhood for years, he earned the nickname Mr. Mischievious by his mysterious and reclusive ways. He doesn't come out of his house much at all, so when he is seen, it is assumed by his odd behavior that he must be up to something. 

One day, when Mr. Mischievious gets tired of the boredom of being cooped up in his house, he steps outside and shares his unknown artistic talents upon his neighborhood - causing chaos, confusion, and FUN!

THE DEViOUS MR. MISCHIEViOUS is filled from start to finish with humorous and colorful illustrations guaranteed to engage both young children and adults as well.

54 pages. Ages 2 and up.

A friendly beaver seeks wood to build a strong dam. A grouchy bird resting soundly in his home is awakened by the gnawing of two large 'fangs'.


What happens when two mammals in the deep woods cross paths and cannot find the means to get along? - A lesson in sharing, making a friend and helping one another when things go all wrong. 

Furry Weather and a Storm of Feathers teaches children about friendship, the consequences of bullying, and the importance of being kind to those you meet.

44 pages. Geared toward advanced readers ages 4 and up.